Dentists agree that for the very best results, nothing beats professional teeth whitening. At-home tray whitening is often the preferred method because the results are more gradual, stable, and permanent, even compared to one-hour whitening in the office. Normally professional at-home teeth whitening requires an appointment and a return visit to the dentist office. But with Express Whitening, now you can get a professionally whitened smile without leaving home. It's fast, safe, simple, and affordable!

Two things set true professional teeth whitening apart from everything else: Lab-made trays and high-strength whitening gel. Express Whitening is your one-stop-shop for both.

PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING KIT... includes lab-made trays! Our certified dental lab will make your custom whitening trays from impressions you mail us. It's easy. Just follow the instructions, and send your impressions back to us, using the pre-paid mailer. You'll receive your trays in just a few days. Simply wear your trays as directed and expect results in as little as 2-3 days.

PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH TEETH WHITENING GEL... Nothing gets teeth whiter faster! With Express Whitening gels, most people see whiter teeth the first day or two. In as little as 3-7 days you can have the whiter smile you've always wanted. Our advanced formula teeth whitening gels are included in the Express Whitening kits and can be purchased separately.