First Impressions can be lasting Ones - from Psychology Today

When we think back to when we first saw Jennifer Aniston on Friends, many of us recall her amazing locks. With George Clooney, it's his bedroom eyes. When we picture Angelina Jolie, it's her signature smile.

Sure, these are celebs whose lives revolve around their looks, but for the rest of us in everyday life, it's worth noting that a first glance at a person's face often leaves a lasting impression. It's not only common sense--our eyes settle on features that are directly in line with our gaze - but science and culture that support th is finding. Facial features are most often used to describe the people we meet; "she's blonde and blue eyed," or "he's dark and bearded." Head shots are used not only for casting actors and on dating sites, but in line-ups to identify criminals and for security on credit cards. Facial features are more often remembered following initial interactions than people's bodies or even their personality traits.

...Like clear, smooth skin, clean white teeth are associated with general overall health. While we may not all have dazzling straight pearly whites (although braces and whiteners are more popular than ever), having goodl oral hygiene goes along with the positive impact that a great smile brings. Severely crooked or yellowing teeth can imply you are a smoker or heavy drinker. Mottled teeth can reflect certain illnesses, poor nutrition or an eating disorder. Fresh and bright teeth generally suggest that you are someone with a healthy lifestyle and good grooming habits.

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