Professional Teeth Whitening - For Less

Not all Teeth Whitening Methods are Effective. Not all Teeth Whiteners are Safe.
The Market is saturated with teeth whitening products that claim to whiten teeth, but unfortunately many whiteners disappoint. Some teeth whitening kits have bulky, one-size-fits-all whitening trays, or whitening strips the fit poorly, or don't cover molars. As far as the tooth whitening agent goes, some over-the-counter tooth bleaching kits don't specify what the whitener is or how strong it is. Some whitening kits come with hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel that is not considered as safe as carbamide peroxide whitener (widely used in dental office, and is the preferred method for safety and effectiveness). Its also important that teeth whitening gel is manufactured in an ADA approved dental facility to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the whitening agent. A regulated whitening formula will maintain whitening power for 2 years or more. Some tooth whiteners offered in stores or on the internet have a very short shelf life.

Custom-Tray At-Home Professional Teeth Whitening is still the surest, safest Whitening Procedure.
Most dentists agree that an at-home teeth whitening tray system made up of custom whitening trays combined with professional grade whitening gel is by far the most effective, permanent, stable way to whiten teeth. A good fitting custom-made whitening tray keeps the whitening gel in contact with the entire tooth for a longer period of time, ensuring the result of whiter teeth in the quickest amount of time.

Express Whitening is like taking the dentist office home with you.
Historically, to get the results of professional teeth whitening, it was necessary to have tooth impressions taken at the dentist office, then the dental office or dental lab would make your custom tooth whitening trays. With Express Whitening, you get the exact same custom trays and professional teeth whitening gel as you would get from traditional dental office teeth whitening, except there's no appointment needed. The result is a professionally whitened smile, but the process is easier and less expensive.

Express Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening - How it's done
1. Purchase Express Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit
2. Make impressions of your own teeth (yes you can do it, the instructions are simple)
3. Mail your impressions back to the certified dental lab (pre-paid mailer included)
4. Wear the whitening-gel lined trays for 30-60 minutes a day (a set of boil-n-bite trays are also included to use while waiting for custom trays)
5. Enjoy your whiter smile