FAQs and Facts about Professional Teeth Whitening/ At-home Tray Whitening

After I have completed at-home tray whitening, will I ever need whiten my teeth again?
Results of professional teeth whitening are long lasting, but over time you may notice some discoloration. Teeth grow yellow naturally with age. Drinking coffee, colas and some juices, as well as smoking can stain tooth enamel. Fortunately, wearing your whitening tray every now and then (average once or twice a month after the initial whitening) can keep your smile looking clean and bright.

Will the the teeth whitening agent effect crowns?
No. Although stains can be removed, white fillings, crowns, and porcelain veneers will not bleach like natural teeth will. Some people choose to whiten their teeth first, and then have their dentist replace the caps to match the lighter shade.

Will my teeth respond to professional teeth whitening?
Almost all natural teeth will respond to the carbamide peroxide whitening agent. However, everyone's teeth are different (heredity, types of stains, lifestyle, etc.) and so results will vary. In general, gray-toned teeth don't respond as well as yellow-toned teeth.

How long does the teeth whitening process take?
Most people see whiter teeth within the first few days and achieve the maximum tooth whitening results within 7 to 14 days. For some people with thick enamel, or dark teeth because of prolonged use of certain medicines, the tooth whitening process may take longer. The maximum tooth shade achieved will vary from person to person, depending on the composition of the teeth, heredity, lifestyle, type of staining, and how long the teeth are exposed to the tooth whitening gel.

Should I apply the tooth whitening gel every day?
Not necessarily. Whiten your teeth at a pace that's comfortable for you. Skipping a day or several days actually might give a more stable result and reduce tooth and gum sensitivity. If you experience sensitivity, then that is your cue to give your teeth a rest from the tooth whitening for a couple of days.

Tooth bleach makes my teeth and gums sensitive. Is that normal? What can I do to prevent tooth or gum sensitivity?
Yes. Some people experience temporary tooth sensitivity while wearing the teeth whitening trays, or shortly thereafter. Here's what you can do:

1. Wear the teeth whitening trays for a shorter length of time, and give your teeth a break from whitening (a day or more).
2. Apply less tooth whitening gel in the tray. If more than a trace of the tooth whitener oozes over the bleaching tray and onto your gums, you're applying too much. Wipe excess whitening gel off your gums after inserting the tray on the teeth.
3. Use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth like Sensodyne.
4. Apply desensitizing (fluoride) gel to your teeth for 5-10 minutes before whitening (put it directly in your whitening tray).
If sensitivity does not go away after a week after whitening teeth, consult your dentist.

What is the shelf-life of Express Whitening Tooth Whitening gel?
Express Whitening gel will last up to two years if refrigerated, one year at room temperature.

My teeth are whitening unevenly. Is that normal?
Yes, as long as the whitening gel is applied evenly into the tray. It is common for the edges of the tooth to respond to the tooth whitener faster than the rest of the tooth, causing a temporary uneven appearance. This is because the enamel is thicker near the gum line, and so it takes longer for this the teeth bleaching agent (carbamide peroxide) to penetrate and lighten the tooth. Continue treatments and it will eventually even out. A damaged or dead tooth will not whiten as much as the other teeth, if at all.

I have white spots on my teeth. How will the teeth whitening gel affect these spots?
Mineral deposits on tooth enamel will likely respond to the teeth whitening process at a different rate than the rest of the tooth. The spots may even seem more prominent after the first few days of whitening your teeth. Be patient and continue the treatment. Although the spots may not disappear entirely, they should become less noticeable.

Does Express Whitening Teeth Whitening Gel work with the whitening trays I got from my dentist?
Yes. Follow the instructions in the Express Whitening Guide included with your whitening gel.

How long does it take to get my custom teeth whitening trays back from the dental lab?
From the time you mail your teeth impressions to the dental lab, you can expect them in the mail in about 5-7 business days.

What's the difference between custom whitening trays and InstaForm (boil n bite) trays?
Custom teeth whitening trays are made in a dental lab (or dentist office) from impressions of your teeth, unique to the shape of your teeth and your teeth only. The advantage of custom whitening trays is that they hold the tooth whitening gel in place without leakage, and they are light-weight so they are comfortable to wear, making it easier to the complete teeth whitening procedure.

Instaform (boil n bite) trays can be formed to fit your teeth through a simple process of dunking the whitening tray in hot water, then placing it on either your upper or lower teeth and creating suction to form the tray to your teeth. The plastic is thicker than that used for custom lab-made whitening trays, and so not as comfortable or effective as custom trays. However, they do offer a very good alternative for the money.

How long should I wear the teeth whitening gel in my whitening trays?
Express Whitening 22% Gel: 30-60 minutes per day
Express Whitening 30% Gel: 15-30 minutes per day

What if my custom whitening trays don't fit?
We will have our dental lab make adjustments to fabricate new whitening trays free of charge. If necessary we will send you more teeth impression supplies to re-do the impressions, also free of charge. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, we will do what it takes until we get a perfect fit. Contact us at

What if I have questions or need help?
Contact us with any question or concern. We make every effort to answer your reply the same business day, if not immediately. If you have a question about the teeth whitening process, or making tooth impressions etc, a dental professional will reply to your inquiry.

What is professional teeth whitening?
A tooth whitening procedure that is comprised of professional grade teeth whitening gel that is held in contact with the teeth, using a custom-made teeth whitening tray, fabricated in either a dental lab (such as Express Whitening, included in the Pro kit) or dental office . Express Whitening eliminates the need to have tooth impressions made at the dentist office, however we do recommend checking with your dentist before beginning any teeth whitening process.

What is power [teeth] whitening?
A professional dental-office procedure where a very high strength gel is applied to teeth. Usually considerably more expensive than professional at-home tray whitening, results are achieved in one day (see article on this website; 'Power whitening vs at-home tray whitening')